She leaned herself on me. Placed her head on my chest. Golden hair, breathing slowly. Exhaling most of the time. She gave a little cough. Managed to turn her head so she could face me. She had that weird look of surprise. Even I was surprised. In fact I shouldn’t have been after all these years. I laid her on the couch and pulled back a bit. She tried to say something…
She felt her chest with her fingertips right were her heart kept beating at an even slower pace. Tried to say something… I grabbed my coat and walked back at the door. I paused for a while, turned around and walked towards her. I sat on the couch beside her and pushed her hair behind her ear. I looked at the photos of her family. Her husband, two beautiful children, all together at some beach somewhere in the world. I got my lips close enough to her ear so she could hear me whisper. «I never meant to do this. I’m so sorry!» I could see she wasn’t moving at all. I got out, closed the door and went home for some sleep.

2 thoughts on “first

  1. Ο/Η Κολοκύθι λέει:

    Κιλ χερ εντ ιτ ολ χερ μάνει.

    (μετάφραση κατευθειάν από τα εληνικος)

  2. Ο/Η Giorugosu λέει:

    @παμπκιν: Λαφ άουτ λάουντ! Θένξ!


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